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I just recently got a computer and have been looking for a way out of the hustle and bustle of the office.I have been searching for a data entry job but wasnt sure if anyone was right for me. You guys took all the guesswork out and I will soon be on my way to big bucks.  

Just wanted to say thanks.
Simona, Middle GA
Thanks for your quick response, And I am very happy with your suggestions. I will recommend you to all my friends.I wish there were more websites and people like you. God Bless.

Jeremy M, Colorado Springs,CO
Your website was helpful in informing me of future prospects Thanks :)

Stephanie P,
I have seen so many websites that state they are trying to help the consumer, YEH Right, try contacting them and see if they guarantee their reviews like you guys. I never heard back from them at all. You guys are fabulous all the way around. Im truly impressed, keep up the good work.

Fred W, Ukiah CA

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 Consumer Review
Movie-Downloads Reviewed

Everyone has been interested in Movies downloads and TV Show downloads for their computer so they can burn to DVD. There are thousands of websites that offer a service to allow you to get movie downloads and TV Show Downloads, the problem with most of these, they are illegal, and are just pirating copies of these movies. We first eliminated those and found some that were legal and actually found to work very well. In reviewing these sites taking in to consideration what we normally use as the criteria of 

One: if the actual websites product was worth
 the price we paid.

Two: How simple of directions it was to Use or
 download the channels.

Three: How compatible it was with our computer
 set up.
Four: Did the website offer a Money
 Back Guarantee, and honor it.

Five: Were we just getting a link to Kazaa, Limewire etc.
which we found about 99% of the movie download
sites were giving us.

We actually found with this we had to add a very important criteria, and that was Spyware an Adware, many of these sites infected our computer with tons of Adware and Spyware, so that was our sixth criteria when rating these websites.

Before ordering any Movie Downloads program, always ask if their service is just a P2P. We found about 99% were just P2P, which is basically just selling you a membership to Morpheus, Kazaa or Limewire. Which you can get for free.

We took all the criteria into consideration to give you our 5 star rated website offering movie downloads, TV show downloads, Music and Video Games. We will list our review for you to check out for yourself, and as usual we are open to hear your reviews on this site as well.

Consumer Rated Guarantee
Any web site we have given a 5-star rating is guaranteed. If you have any problem getting a refund through each of these sites based on their particular guidelines."Contact Us" and we will assist you, or refund your money for you.

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Consumer Rating

Unlimited Movie,Music & TV Show Downloads

The best part of this service is that it is not a simple P2P network, which is what most of the websites we ran into, basically the sites would sell you a membership to Kazaa, which is not what EzMovies will do. They have a complete database of movies and direct connect. This avoids the possibilities of adware and spyware. Normally priced at $59.95, EzMovies is running a lifetime membership for $29.95. They also offer a complete money back guarantee.

$29.95 One Time Price

Feel Free to Check It Out For Yourself


Consumer-Rated - Phoenix AZ


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